Readings on: Philosophical reactions to a lawful universe–– Giordano Bruno and Baruch Spinoza

Randall,Jr., John Herman The Making of the Modern Mind [excerpt– 710 words] [abstract– 70 words] — Giordano Bruno, infinite universe – infinite number of worlds

——— The Making of the Modern Mind [excerpt– 950 words] [abstract– 140 words] — Baruch Spinoza, God and Nature are one

Spinoza, Benedict De "On the Improvement of the Understanding" in Ethics [excerpt– 800 words][ abstract– 235 words] — the highest form of worship is seeking to understand nature

Woodbridge, Frederick J. E. “Spinoza” in Ethics by Benedict De Spinoza [abridged– 1500 words] [full text– 5300 words] — Spinoza's ideas brought up-to-date and masterly explained