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Giordano Bruno is a prime example of how a scientific discovery can profoundly change a personal world-view.

He so shocked the thinking of his contemporaries that they murdered him.

Randall,Jr., John Herman The Making of the Modern Mind, 1976 Columbia University Press, New York [abstract– 70 words] — Bruno: infinite universe, infinite worlds

Giordano Bruno [1548 – 1600], reacting to the new paradigm of Copernicus, postulated an infinite number of worlds in an infinite universe.

If the earth was not the center of the universe why was the sun? Weren’t other stars also suns? Might they have planets around them and might they also harbor living beings?

He saw the divine as infinitely powerful and surely capable of infinite creation. With his soul on fire with this vision, he saw God as the body and power animating the vastness of space.