Science and Philosophy

...together they can form a coherent world-view

At some time in their lives thinking people require an explanation of the world and their place in it. There seems to be a deep human need to have something that can help form our relationship to experience in a meaningful way. Questions like "What is life all about?" or "Why am I here?" insistently arise to plague us. They drive us to form a personal worldview. Without it one feels "a stranger in a strange land."

A rational worldview should be coherent and be faithful to experience. It can only be faithful to experience if it does not contradict scientific knowledge about our world. Indeed a modern rational worldview needs to incorporate scientific knowledge.

The documents in this website provide information for and examples of worldviews. The scientific revolutions of Copernicus, Darwin, Freud and modern physics and cosmology each in their turn have radically changed human beings' image of self and surroundings.

Reviewing these developments may help an individual formulate a personal view of existence. The documents presented are for the most part the actual writings of famous scientists and philosophers.

The sciences are the windows through which philosophy views the world – Will Durant