Readings on: The perils of asking the Big Questions

Campbell, Joseph (in an interview with Eugene Kennedy, New York Times Magazine, April 15, 1979) — Myth gives us a map or picture of the universe... It allows us to see ourselves in relationship to nature... The space age demands that we change our ideas about ourselves, but we want to hold on to old beliefs. That is why there is a resurgence of oldfashioned orthodoxy in so many areas at the present time. There are no horizons in space... We cannot hold onto ourselves and our in-groups as we once did... People don't want to think about it. So they pull back... We are in free fall into a future that is mysterious... and disconcerting to many people

Faust, Clarence H., “The Search for Answers” in An Outline of Man’s Knowledge of the Modern World [abridged– 3100 words] [abstract 250 words] — psychiatry may take the place of religion