Questions for constructing a personal world view

Reference: Aerts, and others Worldviews: From Fragmentation to Integration — explaining what a worldview is

Here are some questions which represent, in our opinion, basic elements that must be accounted for in every worldview.

1. What is the nature of our world? How is it structured and how does it function?

2. Why is our world the way it is, and not different? Why are we the way we are, and not different?

3. Why do we feel the way we feel in this world, and how do we assess global reality, and the role of our species in it?

4. How are we to act and to create in this world? How, in what different ways, can we influence the world and transform it? What are the general principles by which we should organize our actions?

5. What future is open to us and our species in this world?