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Observation and reason
together with forethought and the ability to communicate make us human.

We have always tried to make sense of our world, hence the pursuit of answers to the Big Questions.


Golden, Richard The pursuit of the Big Questions, [abstract– 100 words] — identifing the Big Questions of life

World-views are unique to each individual. They originate out of answers to Big Questions, questions that are cosmological, biological, social and historical, and theological and metaphysical.

Science provides some answers, however tentative, and is our best guide.

Some questions seem unanswerable. We bother with them because we have no choice. Sometimes life thrusts them upon us. Some of them arise simply by wondering about the world around us.

There are individuals of extraordinary intelligence who have left us their thoughts on the Big Questions. We have much to gain and nothing to lose by considering their ideas.

The Big Questions can be organized into the following categories:

Cosmological, Biological, Social and historical, Theological and metaphysical, Ethical and aesthetic